The Arts Society aims to ensure that any volunteer has the opportunity to attend information days in order to develop their skills or acquire new ones.

There are a number of opportunities for getting to know more about the organisation, to meet others, to forge connections, and to explore the challenges and solutions experienced by other Societies.

To find out what events are available or planned, please  visit the Arts Society Calendar on

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If non available please contact your own Society’s Chairman.

Getting to Know The Arts Society training day

It is ideal for people who are new to a Society's Committee and, perhaps more importantly, those who are considering becoming a Committee Member.

The day gives a thorough overview of the Arts Society organisation, its history, its contribution to the wider world of art, heritage and conservation, and reveals the scope of volunteering opportunities.    By sharing what others get out of volunteering, the difference we make, and demonstrating the depth of support available, we hope to remove any hesitancy people might feel about playing a more active role within a Society.

Membership Recruitment & Retention Workshop

Ideal for Membership Secretaries, Website & Press Secretaries, and non-Committee volunteers forming marketing & publicity sub-groups.

Drawing on the skills of The Arts Society Promotions, Marketing and Membership staff, the aim is to explore the experience of, and opportunities for, managing a Society's membership. The workshop will cover publicising a Society, promoting membership loyalty, and includes plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing practical tips to strengthen your Society.  It is invaluable to any Society with concerns about membership numbers.

Planning a Programme, including Special Interest Days

It provides essential information for any new Programme Secretary or Special Interest Day Organiser.

Participants choose in advance from a menu of topics the aspects of programme planning they most wish to explore.  We consider how to deliver a programme that matches members’ interests and expectations; how to find the best speakers; who chooses them and how; negotiating a fee; managing costs; hosting a speaker, including overnight stays; and putting plans in place for emergencies.

New Media and Publicity Workshop

Get your Society noticed by the press and local media.  This is a fun, non-technical, workshop aimed at anyone publicising a Society.  It explores the social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Flickr - how they work and how they can be of use to a Society, offers practical tips on taking more appealing photographs, and includes professional guidance on copy writing from a working journalist.

Society Treasurers’ Training Days

The aim is to stimulate discussion on a variety of financial issues and to share ideas, practices and experiences amongst Treasurers.  It offers particularly useful insight to anyone considering taking on the Treasurer role. 

Confident Speaking

The prospect of speaking in public can hold terrors for anyone. It may even make people reluctant to take on certain roles in a Society for which they are well suited. Through small, informal, sessions - encouraging lively participation in a non-critical and safe atmosphere - the aim is to build confidence and effectiveness and reduce anxiety.