Area Team

The Arts Society North East Area covers Yorkshire, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland . There are 23 Societies in this Area further details of which can be found in the Societies Section.

The Area Team is there to support local Societies. The Area Chairman and her team arrange two Area Meetings per year where representatives of local Societies may air their views and concerns. The Area Trainer arranges Training and Information Days for committee members where participants have the opportunity to network with members from other Societies. The Area Co-ordinator for Education runs study courses designed to complement the programmes of local Societies. 

The North East Area Team

Role   Name
Area Chairman  
Mrs Lizzie Darbyshire
Deputy Area Chairman    
Area Secretary  

Ms Claire Wesley

Area Treasurer  

Mrs Ann Kidman 

Area Trainer   Vacancy
Area Co-ordinator for Education  

Mrs Joanna Finlay

Church Trails Advisor   Dr John McCollum
Heritage Volunteers Area Representative  

Mrs Sally Craig

Young Arts Area Representative  

Mrs Michele Lewis  ( South) 

 Chris MacKinnon ( North)


Kilmeny Denny

Church Records Co-ordinator   Mrs Mary Bowes
Church Records   Mrs Rosalind Platts

North East Area Representation and Contacts for Church Recording






Rosalind Platts

Representative at Area Meetings


Monica Slater

Representative at National Meetings /Annual Progress Reports



Jane Hedley

Group visiting and support


Mary Bowes

General information coordinator


John Burrows

Area Website information editor for CR



Rosalind Platts

Publicity boards for Area AGM


Peter Farmer

Photographic matters